You may be surprised to discover which South American nations hold the strongest and weakest passports. In terms of global mobility, South America presents a landscape of diverse passport power. From Venezuela to Argentina, we decided to take a closer look at each country’s passport strength and see how one could potentially increase their global mobility with the addition of a second passport through investment.

La Vida’s Global Passport Ranking analysis transcends the usual metrics of visa-free country counts. Instead, La Vida’s rankings delve into the qualitative dimensions of travel, assessing not just the quantity but the economic and touristic value of the destinations accessible to passport holders. This comprehensive approach ensures that our rankings provide a nuanced perspective on global access, tailored for the discerning high net worth investor seeking to enhance their international footprint.

South America’s Strongest Passports

When looking at South America’s 12 main countries, Chile boasts the strongest passport in the region, impressively securing the 39th position globally, with access to 189 countries visa-free, which equates to 83% of the world’s GDP. This robust global access mirrors the country’s economic prowess and travel flexibility, making it an exemplar of international mobility.

Argentina follows suit with notable strength, its passport holding the 53rd spot worldwide. Argentine passport holders enjoy the liberty of entering 183 countries without the need for a visa, demonstrating significant global reach and potential for international investors and high-net-worth individuals.

South America’s Weakest Passports

On the flip side, Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname do not score so well, featuring in the lowest three spots. Bolivia’s passport, ranking 118th globally, illustrates the limitations of weaker travel documents, granting visa-free access to a modest 95 countries. Yet, there lies a potent opportunity for Bolivian nationals and others in the region seeking to enhance their international footprint.

Second Passport Solutions for South American Citizens

The Spanish Golden Visa programme emerges as an attractive pathway for Latin American investors aiming to elevate their travel capabilities. By investing in this programme, individuals can fast-track their way to Spanish citizenship within a mere two years, dramatically expanding their visa-free access. Pairing a Spanish passport with a Bolivian one would dramatically expand a Bolivian’s global reach from 95 to an impressive 201 countries. This represents access to over 83% of the world’s GDP and 94.4% of the most sought-after travel destinations, showcasing the remarkable potential of a strategic investment in enhanced mobility for individuals and investors alike.

Even holders of stronger South American passports, such as those from Chile and Argentina, could find significant advantages in acquiring a second passport. For instance, while Chilean citizens enjoy visa-free access to Europe, their stays are restricted to 90 days. This duration might suffice for many, but for frequent travellers or business professionals, it can be a constraint. Obtaining a Spanish passport would allow them to travel throughout the EU without any time restrictions. Similarly, for Argentinian citizens, a Spanish passport could provide enhanced access to countries like Australia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, thanks to straightforward e-visa processes.

For the discerning investor, this isn’t merely about travel; it’s about unlocking new business frontiers, fostering global connections, and experiencing seamless international mobility. The Spanish Golden Visa stands as a prime option, offering substantial value and enhanced freedom for those seeking to transcend the limitations of their current passport. Several Caribbean passports may also be highly attractive such as Antigua’s or Grenada’s passport. With prudent investment, the promise of a more connected and accessible world is well within reach.

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