Colombia is known for its vibrant culture, sound economic policies and free trade agreements, making it an attractive prospect for investors. Over the past decade, Colombia has also made notable strides in economic and political stability, attracting foreign direct investment. Additionally, the government has implemented pro-business reforms, creating a more favourable investment climate. The strategic location of Colombia, as a gateway to both North and South America, enhances its potential as a key player in regional trade. However, challenges such as lingering security concerns in certain regions, bureaucratic hurdles, and social inequalities may temper investor enthusiasm. Furthermore, economic reliance on commodities exposes the nation to external market fluctuations.

Colombia Citizenship Investment

Colombia does not offer a direct citizenship by investment programme, but there is a selection of investment visas which grant residency and could lead to future citizenship. The path to Colombian citizenship through investment is a gradual process with strict requirements. Fluency in Spanish is necessary, and maintaining a continuous presence in the country, with no more than 365 consecutive days of absence, is a fundamental requirement. Hence, not providing the most ideal investment opportunity for many high-net-worth applicants who engage in international business. Therefore, we advise instead looking at countries offering direct and more flexible routes to citizenship by investment such as those in the Caribbean

Colombia Residency Options

Colombia offers several residency by investment options for individuals seeking long-term residency and settlement. Among these, the M-Visa stands out with its two primary choices: the M-10, requiring a minimum US$75,000 investment in real estate, and the M-6, which involves a US$25,000 investment in a business. Both visas are valid for three years and can be renewed and later converted into permanent residency after five years.

Colombia’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Colombia’s passport strength is reasonable, offering visa-free access to 146 countries. These countries also only account for 39.9% of world wealth (GDP) and 65.9% of world travel. This places it at 83rd in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking. Although reasonably robust when it comes to passport strength, it still ranks well below existing popular citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes. Antigua’s CBI programme is one of several options offering a stronger passport (ranked 70th) with much more extensive visa-free travel.


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