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Second Passport Investment ReportOur clients invest in a second passport for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most important is the visa-free access a second passport grants to countries and territories worldwide.

There are several passport indices that take a simple measure of the number of visa-free countries a passport can access. They offer a very limited assessment for investors as they do not take account of the “quality” of those destinations. They simply count them.

Such a measure also fails to take account of the passport combination you will have. What is the point in investing in a second passport with access to 100 countries if your current passport already has access to 99 of those?

Prospective applicants for second citizenship are sophisticated investors. That is why we developed the unique La Vida Passport Value report, available FREE to all our clients. It offers an invaluable insight  before deciding to invest.

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La Vida Passport Value Report

La Vida’s Passport Value Report provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of what the passport brings. Not only the number of visa-free countries but their “quality” or value. We measure this with two factors. Access to worldwide GDP or wealth of those countries as a percentage total. Useful for the considerations of an international business traveller or entrepreneur. And we also measure access to worldwide travel popularity. Useful for those interested in leisure aspects measured through international visitor traffic and popularity.

We combine those aspects and present them not simply in isolation for that passport but in combination with your existing citizenship and passport. Not only providing total access but examining the Top10 destinations for both GDP and international travel additions.

invaluable information

The result is a unique report, tailored for our customers and invaluable to any potential citizenship applicant considering their investment options.

This report is only available through La Vida on this website and through your consultant. If you are thinking of making such an investment please contact us today for a free assessment and report.