Italy’s Golden Visa – Dolce Visa

The Dolce Visa previously known as the Italian Investor Visa offers residency through investment options as follows:

  • €2,000,000 invested in government bonds
  • €500,000 investment in an Italian limited company,
  • €1,000,000 philanthropic donation
  • €200,000 invested into an innovative start-up

The application process is straightforward and applicants need only make the investment commitment after gaining approval. Applicants are granted an initial two year residence permit. Then to maintain their residence status applicants must upload details of their investment to the government online portal within three months.

There is no minimum stay requirement and permanent residency is possible after 5 years.

At this point in time Italy does not have a golden visa programme for investors purchasing real estate.

Italian Citizenship

Following investment and ten years of tax residency it is possible to apply for Italian citizenship. Italy is similar to Spain in this reagard and applicants looking for ultimate citizenship through their investment without the need to become tax resident are best advised to look at Portugal and Malta as alternatives.


A selection of residency and citizenship programmes.