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There are a number of countries in Europe now offering golden investor visas that result in residency and potential citizenship of the EU, including Portugal, Spain and Malta. The minimum amount of investment can vary depending on the programme, ranging from 250,000€ to 600,000€. Contact our specialist team below for expert advice on the options available in Europe.

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EU Golden Visa Programs

A selection of the most popular golden visa investor programs in Europe.

Benefits of a European Golden Visa

An EU Golden Visa provides an opportunity for foreign investors to live, work and study in the European Union and enjoy other benefits that come with, including but not limited to:

  • Visa free travel throughout the EU Schengen zone
  • Potential citizenship after a period of residency
  • Full family residency
  • Increased access to EU markets

Each programme has its own benefits and requirements.

Requirements for European Golden Visa Programmes

There are differences in requirements between each country and there are often changes to each individual programme. But some of the common requirements which can be found are as follows:

  • A clean criminal record
  • Proof of funds and financial records
  • No previous Schengen visa refusals
  • Currently Non-EU resident (includes UK residents post Brexit)

For further advice about family requirements, due diligence fees and background checks for each of the EU Golden Visa programmes, contact our specialist team.

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Why La Vida for Golden Visas in Europe

La Vida has over eight years’ experience promoting and advising on the golden visa options in Europe starting with Spain and Portugal back in 2014. Based in London our team of advisors are not tied to any one country and can give impartial advice across all the programmes. La Vida is a major player in EU Golden Visas and the largest provider of applicants for the Portuguese Golden Visa, the most established and popular programme in Europe.

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