Paraguay offers attractive investment opportunities for high net-worth foreign investors. With a stable economy, favorable tax incentives, and low labor costs, it’s a hotspot for agriculture, renewable energy, and real estate investments. The country’s strategic location and membership in Mercosur facilitate access to regional markets. Paraguay also boasts investor-friendly policies, including tax exemptions for certain sectors and a welcoming business environment. While there are potential challenges such as infrastructure development and regulatory issues, Paraguay’s promising economic growth, political stability, and investment-friendly climate make it an enticing destination for high net-worth individuals seeking diverse investment prospects in South America.

Paraguay Citizenship by Investment

Despite attractive investment potential for overseas investors Paraguay does not offer a golden visa or citizenship by investment programme to tempt high-net worth individuals looking for residency or citizenship in return.

Residency in PAraguay

Independent Means Visa

This is a very easy route and affordable to a residency visa that involves simply being able to prove that you are financially solvent. There is no minimum investment involved. You do not need to physically reside in the country to claim residency. After three years, it is possible to apply for citizenship.

Paraguay Passport Strength and Ranking

Paraguay boasts a somewhat strong passport for its visa-free travel. Allowing access to 74% of global travel, as well as 45.9% of world wealth (GDP), it ranks 69th in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking. If Paraguay adopted a passport by investment route, it would be an attractive option for foreign investors. Its passport already ranks similar to Antigua which has made great success out of its citizenship investment scheme and that of Dominica which has similarly drawn a large proportion of its GDP through its own programme.

Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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