Second Citizenship and Passport by Investment

Citizenship by investment programmes offer an expedited process for obtaining a second citizenship and second passport by investing in a country’s economy. This can be done through various options, such as making donations to approved charities or buying real estate in the destination country to achieve citizenship.

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Second passport by investment overview

Second passports through investment have become increasingly popular over the last decade, offering a range of benefits to individuals and families. By investing in a second citizenship by investment program, people are able to gain access to better travel options, improved economic opportunities and greater financial freedom.

Citizenship-by-investment programs grant individuals and their families instant nationality in exchange for an investment into the country’s economy. This can be achieved through various investments such as real estate, government bonds or donations to government funds. Depending on the country’s requirements, applicants need to meet certain criteria before they can be eligible for their second citizenship and passport. Once approved, they will receive a full set of rights and privileges that come with being a citizen of that country. This can include access to consular protection abroad or visa free travel around the world.

Countries offering Citizenship by investment programmes will grant immediate citizenship to applicants and their families once the application process and required investment is complete. That means qualification for a second passport and hence their incredible popularity amongst our clients for the international travel possibilities they present.

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Why get a second citizenship by investment?

For those looking to enjoy greater freedom, a second citizenship through investment provides a pathway to a second passport and increased visa-free travel options. Those seeking a second passport often do so with the aim of accessing new business opportunities, increased mobility, and financial freedom, and the advantages of obtaining a second passport through investment can be plentiful. This makes second citizenship by investment an attractive option for many individuals.

Second citizenship by investment benefits

  • Second citizenship can provide visa-free access to numerous countries. Depending on the nation you choose, this could open up the possibility of working and living abroad without restrictions or delays from lengthy visa application processes.
  • Having dual citizenship may grant you certain tax advantages along with additional economic and political freedoms as well as improved security for your family members.
  • Citizenship by investment allows for new business opportunities and development.
  • Second citizenship grants you full access to a new area of the world, allowing you to be immersed into different cultures and environments.
  • Some programmes feature fast processing times, meaning you can receive your second citizenship in as little as 3 months, dependent upon the country.

Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Some countries such as Dominica and Grenada allow real estate investment into government approved projects as an option for gaining citizenship. See below a selection of the best options on offer.

Citizenship by Investment FAQ

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Elizabeth Walsh and Daniel Koczur, USA, August 2022

Very good service , and special thanks for Mr Paul Mandrinos for the advice he gave me to obtain Saint Lucian passport , and thanks to Jude Clemoes for all the support along the process.

Libya, November 2019

Simply flawless. Great communication and exceptionally helpful compared to other citizenship service providers I have been in touch with

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I worked with Paul Mandrinos, who has been very helpful on the entire process. I felt the information he gave me was accurate and honest.

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Great service. Was handled by Paul Mandrinos and he took me trough the entire process.
Managed documentation in less than 3 weeks.Will recommend

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Response times to e-mails and requests for phone calls was always very quick. When something was promised to be sent in the future then it was delivered on time. Service was always professional and my needs were understood before giving advice, and staff were patient to respond to all my questions, regardless how major or minor they were. The price was within reasonable range relative to competitors.

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Jude was exceptional in service and is always so pleasant. Even when we were a bit agitated due to delays experienced during the process, she had a very canny way of restoring calm and confidence. La Vida most surely delivered on their promise. My family and I have already started enjoying the freedom provided by our second passport!

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Paul Mandrinos was very helpful and informative. He made himself very accessible every time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested.

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Jude Clemoes did a fantastic job handling our issues. She was always very professional and courteous.

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Excellent service, good support and very good follow up from all parties until the project is finalized.

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The company is prompt in responses to concerns and questions

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We are very happy for all the services your company has offered, staff are so kind, especially Jessica is very helpful and spared us the hassle when we visited Cyprus and made our buying decision. Yes, we’ll definitely recommend you to our friends and family.

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Thanks a lot! Your team down here is just great!
It is so amazing! I just succeed to do all in one day!
With Pico and Joao and Ana, all went so fine!
Thanks again for your support! I will keep in touch with you!

Fatou, Ivory Coast, January 2017

I found their service to be the most informative and helpful. I felt secure with La Vida regarding confidentiality. Very professional and quick, with Nancy in the Dominica being very responsive and efficient

Mr Roux, South Africa, April 2018

It was my great pleasure to work with you and La Vida team including Catarina... All went well so far and hope we would conclude the investment next month as planned; I also wish the investment will serve the main purpose of having a citizenship at the end. Honestly, I was satisfied at all levels including legal, contractual, property purchase & price, payment terms, relationship with Counsel, Local Banking and local coordinator.

UAE, February 2017

Love Daniel, he really went above & beyond. Great guy and super knowledgeable & helpful, throughout the process. I found their service to be the most informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

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I did a lot of research before making contact with La Vida when I was looking to buy an apartment in Spain. I have to say that I made the right choice because they were extremely helpful and professional. It certainly made the buying process far simpler than it could have been. I also want to pay special thanks to Lizzie Edwards of La Vida who was absolutely fantastic throughout and couldn’t do enough to help. I would certainly recommend La Vida to my friends.

John Vicars, UK, January 2015

Very professional attitude of the team and fantastic local partner in the country of residence program.

Armenia, March 2018

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Daniel Twomey as he was of great help to us in our process of applying for Hungary Residency, he always responded to e mails, phone calls even during weekends. Surely I will recommend friends and family who are interested is such project to apply through La Vida due to the fact that the process went smoothly and according to our requirements.

Lana, Iraq, January 2017
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Second passport by investment with La Vida

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