Brazil Permanent Residency by investment PROGRAMme

Brazil’s Visa de Residência Permanente por Investimento, (VIPER), also known as Brazil’s Golden Visa programme, is a sought-after avenue for foreign investors looking to obtain residency in Brazil. This unique and enticing program requires an investment in real estate of R$1,000,000, approximately $200,000 USD. Investors can benefit from a 30% discount if they purchase specific real estate projects located in the North and Northeast of Brazil. The program also provides a lower-cost alternative by allowing the establishment of a business entity or investment in an existing business, starting at just R$500,000, along with a pathway focused on job creation.

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Brazil Golden Visa Benefits:

  • Fast processing time of 4 – 6 months
  • Permanent residency visa from the start
  • A pathway to citizenship after four years
  • A strong and growing economy
  • Low-cost of living
  • A warm and sunny climate
  • Dual citizenship permitted.

Brazil Citizenship By iNvestment


Brazil does not offer a direct Citizenship by Investment program; however, it is possible to apply for Brazilian Citizenship once a residency permit has been held for a minimum of four years. Brazilian passport holders benefit from visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 171 countries and territories worldwide, according to La Vida’s Passport Value data. This includes access to the UK, UAE, Singapore, and the EU Schengen Zone. For investors looking for a direct citizenship programme at a similar price point and with similar visa-free access, then we would suggest looking at some of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes such as Antigua or Grenada.

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