Peru presents an attractive prospect for high-net-worth investors due to its diverse economy, richness of natural resources including mining and fisheries as well as its strategic location in South America that enhances its trade opportunities. However, Peru has been entangled in a political crisis since 2016 that has yet to be resolved. This mixed with increased economic volatility, infrastructure limitations and concerns about corruption creates challenges that may put off international investors.

Peru Citizenship by Investment

Presently, Peru does not have a citizenship by investment programme. However, Peru was one of the initial South American countries to delve into offering citizenship through investment to wealthy investors. The programme was initiated in 1992, allowing foreign investors to apply for citizenship with an investment of USD 25,000. However, public backlash led to its closure just one year later.

Peru Residency Investment

Residency options in Peru include the Independent Means Visa, which is available to individuals with a regular monthly income exceeding US $1,000. After three years of continuous residency, individuals can apply for permanent residency. The pathway to citizenship is achievable after residing in Peru for two years, spending at least 183 days per year in the country, and demonstrating proficiency in Spanish.

Peru’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Peru’s passport strength is strong, offering visa free access to 152 countries. These countries account for 42.2% of the global wealth (GDP) and 73.5% of world travel. Thus, placing it at 75th in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking. Nevertheless, Peru’s passport still falls below St Kitts passport which is ranked higher at 64th globally, providing holders with broader visa-free travel privileges. St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment is available from €250,000, plus fees.


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