Timor-Leste, an emerging Southeast Asian nation, offers natural beauty, a tranquil lifestyle, and a unique cultural experience for individuals seeking a second residence. Its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and warm hospitality make it an appealing choice. However, limited infrastructure and healthcare services may pose challenges. Investment opportunities are emerging, and the country’s stability is improving, making it an attractive option for those seeking a relaxed and culturally rich second home.

Timor-Leste Golden Visa

No golden visa or citizenship by investment programme is offered in Timor-Leste. These programmes can be offered by other countries. Such golden visa programmes often allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights through substantial investment, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses.

Timor-Leste Residence

Timor-Leste does not have a residence by investment programme. Its residency policies are broadly based upon work, marriage, family reunification and humanitarian purposes.

Timor-Leste Passport Strength and Ranking

The Timorese passport is reasonable, offering visa-free access to 112 countries. These countries grant access to 32.9% of world wealth (as measured by GDP) and account for 57.9% of global travel. As such, it ranks 95th in La Vida’s Global Passport Ranking. Were it to offer a golden visa scheme, it would not have an advantage over countries that already offer a second passport with good visa free-travel links such as St Lucia and Dominica.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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