Luxembourg stands out as one of the most compelling business destinations globally, celebrated for its unparalleled blend of affluence, stability, and safety. As one of the world’s wealthiest nations, Luxembourg’s economic prowess is matched only by its strategic location in the heart of Europe. Luxembourg’s allure lies not only in its financial strength but also in its reputation as a secure and steadfast hub, attracting high net worth individuals from all over the globe.

LUXEMBOURG Investor Visa

For those who wish to reside in this EU nation with a flourishing economy, the Luxembourg Residency by Investment Programme is the most efficient way to acquire such status. Established in 2017, Luxembourg’s investor visa programme offers the following options:

  • €500,000 in an existing company (registered office in Luxembourg), which is required to be held for five years.
  • €500,000 in a new business (registered office in Luxembourg), which needs to employ five employees within three years of being incorporated.
  • €3 million capital contribution in an investment or management structure. This can include private equity or venture capital fund.
  • €20 million deposit with a financial institution in Luxembourg, held for five years.


There is no direct citizenship by investment programme in Luxembourg, however, over a period of time, residency permits in Luxemburg can lead to permanent residency and then future citizenship. There is a requirement to reside in Luxembourg for five years to maintain the residency status. In order to obtain citizenship, applicants are required to integrate into society and speak the official language, Luxembourgish.

There are more cost effective and flexible residency programmes in Europe such as Greece, Portugal and Spain’s Golden Visa programme. These programmes offer real estate and fund investment routes.


Luxembourg ranks 6th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking. Luxembourg possesses a very strong passport power. The Luxembourg passport offers visa-free access to 200 countries, accounting for 92.6% of worldwide travel and 81.2% of world wealth (measured in GDP).


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