Kuwait, a prosperous Middle Eastern nation, offers high net worth foreign investors opportunities in its robust financial sector, real estate, and infrastructure development. With a stable economy, strategic location, and favorable investment climate, Kuwait provides avenues for wealth growth. The government’s initiatives to diversify the economy, coupled with a well-established legal framework, enhance the investment landscape. Kuwait’s vibrant business environment, combined with a wealth of natural resources, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking strategic investments and long-term financial prosperity.

Kuwait Citizenship Investment

Kuwait has not yet joined many countries in offering a formal residency or citizenship by investment programme. Such programmes allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights in select countries through substantial investment. This investment most often is in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses. Such golden visa programmes can be found elsewhere, such as Turkey.

Kuwait Citizenship and Residency Options

Article 22 Visas

Though not policy yet, these visas are currently being considered by the Kuwaiti government to launch sometime in early 2024. The visa would be limited to certain professions, such as doctors, university professors and counselors. Few specific details are currently known.

Kuwaiti Work Visa

Also known as the Iqama, this visa is for applicants who must have already accepted an offer of employment in Kuwait.

Kuwait Passport Strength and Ranking

Kuwait has a fairly weak passport ranking, making the prospect of a formal Citizenship by Investment programme unlikely to offer more than can already be found elsewhere. The Kuwaiti passport offers visa-free access to just 106 countries worldwide. In terms of access for investors, it offers visa-free access to 16.9% of the world’s wealth (as measured by GDP) and 33.0% of the global travel popularity. It ranks 106th overall in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.

Investors looking for a second citizenship are advised to consider some of the European Golden Visa programs available such as those of Spain and Greece.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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