Investment Visas and Second Passports

For many wealthy Indian citizens investment in real estate to obtain a golden visa is often an attractive option. There are a number of countries in Europe and the Caribbean offering residency and/or a second passport and citizenship including Portugal and Cyprus. La Vida has helped many clients from India who have sufficient funds to invest to obtain a second residency through real estate investment. In fact India remains one of our top countries for enquiries from high net worth clients (HNW’s) seeking a more permanent solution to their travel and future residency needs.

The Benefits

A clear benefit for many Indian passport holders is the ease of travel that a residency card or second passport brings. In the last few years international travel has become increasingly difficult and time consuming especially when frequent and multiple visa applications are having to be made. Business visas for Indian citizens become easier to obtain on many second passports. Be it for business travel or leisure, a second citizenship and accompanying passport can significantly ease travel and visa applications for Indian citizens. Many of our clients have invested in a second citizenship for just that reason.

Another popular benefit for our Indian clients is education. The residency investment programme in Ireland is ideal for this. Ireland is part of the EU, English speaking and has world class universities.

With real estate investment in Europe in countries such as Portugal and Spain it will allow freedom of travel throughout the EU Schengen zone through a residency card. Countries such as Malta and Cyprus can issue second passports quickly. Likewise the Caribbean countries of St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada and Dominica, all allow citizens of India to apply for a second passport. A second passport from any of these countries will enable visa free travel for Indian citizens to many countries across the globe and faster more efficient processing of visa applications where travel or business visas are required. Typical investments start from around USD$600,000.

Residency and Passport Application

Whichever country issues that passport there are stringent checks and requirements by the relevant government departments. In all cases clients will need a clear criminal record, sufficient funds to support themselves and they must not have been refused access to any countries when previously travelling. Applications can take several months after the initial investment.

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Please note that La Vida is not a visa processing service. We do not deal with work visas, entrepreneur visas or general immigration. Our role is to advise and help High Net Worth clients find the right real estate investment in order to qualify for an investor visa in the most appropriate country for their needs. In all cases we we recommend and work closely with lawyers for submitting residency and passport applications to the relevant government departments and embassies once the investment has been made.


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