2014 was a busy year for La Vida for enquiries for golden visas. Portugal was a popular programme because of the flexibility to apply for citizenship at a later date. Cyprus was in demand for clients needing immediate citizenship. St. Kitts remains a firm favourite for second passport seekers but mainly for freedom of travel rather than residency. Spain was popular for enquiries and for investors wanting to physically live in another country. But many clients found other programmes far more suitable for investor visas once we had advised the options and alternatives. In fact most people who contact us initially considering one particular country usually change their mind once we have explained the programmes in full.

Top of the list for many people are freedom of travel (in particular Schengen zone), education for children and a potential second passport. The main reason for wanting a second residency is often for insurance against future unknowns. Most people require an investment with the intention of renting it out for rental income while some do look to live full time in the country.

Golden Visa Top Countries

The top 20 countries currently for enquiries regarding investor visas, residency and citizenship are:

1. Pakistan
2. India
3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
4. South Africa
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Lebanon
7. Hong Kong (China)
8. Bangladesh
9. Egypt
10. Brazil
11. Jordan
12. Turkey
13. Australia
14. Qatar
15. Russia
16. Malaysia
17. Singapore
18. Iraq
19. Kuwait
20. Nigeria

Other popular countries for golden visa enquiries include USA, Canada and the UK.

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