The Vanuatu government has reduced the price of its Citizenship Investment Programme (CIP). The single applicant donation has dropped to USD$210,000 while the family donation previously $280,000 has been reduced to $240,000.

*** Update *** See Vanuatu Programme page for further reductions after this article.

Vanuatu has also successfully processed several applications through bitcoin in 2018. Demand is expected to increase further throughout this year and into 2019. The investor pays in Bitcoin without ever having to convert the amount to Fiat currency. Once the price is given in Bitcoin in close correspondence with the client they then have two hours to complete the transfer. At La Vida we have been successfully processing fee payments in Bitcoin but Vanuatu is the first programme we can now offer where the full investment can be made in crypto currency.

There are also plans in place to have a Citizenship by Investment option through real estate investment in Vanuatu. The investment will be limited to a single development planned for one of the islands which will be managed by an international hospitality brand. The units will range from 160m2 to 450m2 and prices will start from USD$900,000. It is planned to offer citizenship via co-ownership with four investors pooling one property, hence reducing the minimum investment to USD$225,000. Once there is full government approval La Vida will of course bring details to our clients. Register here for details on release.

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