Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship by investment in Vanuata is available to applicants who invest from $160,000 into a local development fund. Vanuatu, a chain of 80 islands in the south Pacific to the east of Australia is part of the Commonwealth. The official languages are English and French.

Vanuatu has the only Citizenship by investment program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere. The programme offers one of the fastest citizenship and second passport programmes available for investors. The investment requirement is $160,000 for a single applicant and $220,000 for a family of four plus fees.

Key Facts

    • No restrictions on dual citizenship
    • No requirement to visit or reside to retain passport
    • No language requirement
    • Fast processing – in just 30-60 days
    • $160,000 + fees Single applicant, $185,000 + fees for couple
    • No income tax, wealth tax, capital gains or inheritance tax
    • Visa free access to over 125 countries (including UK and EU Schengen)
    • Citizenship for applicant, spouse and children
    • “Honorary Citizenship” with full Ni-Vanuatu rights (less voting rights and political involvement)
    • Hereditary Citizenship
    • Oath Swearing Ceremony in convenient locations

The government of Vanuatu has also confirmed it is possible to make payment in bitcoin for the citizenship by investment program. Although the government of Vanuatu will not take payment direct in bitcoin, authorised agents are able to take payment but funds must then be remitted on to the government in USD. La Vida is able to take payment in bitcoin for fees. Vanuatu passports are valid for five years and renewable for the same term.

The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is open to applicants from any country except Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea and Yemen.

More Information

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  • You will need a minimum 135,000 Euros (USD$150,000) for the lowest cost programme.