Following the closure of Saint Lucia’s successful Covid-Relief Bond at the end of December 2022, the St Lucia CIU has now announced the launch of a new bond option – The National Action Bond. The new, non-interest-bearing bond offering is available to both single applicants and families, and requires an investment of $300,000 USD, regardless of the family size. The bond investment must be held for a minimum period of five years, after which the funds are refunded to the investors at 0% interest. This is the only refundable option available amongst the Caribbean nations offering Citizenship by Investment programmes, and whilst the initial outlay is higher than the donation and real estate routes, many prefer the certainty that the capital is returned. An additional, non-refundable administration fee of $50,000 is applicable, along with due diligence, application and processing fees.

Along with the new bond offering, the cost of St Lucia’s Citizenship by Real Estate route has also been adjusted from $300,000 to $200,000. Saint Lucia currently only offer two approved CBI projects.

St Lucian passport holders benefit from visa-free access to 157 countries and territories worldwide. The application process can be completed remotely in around 3-4 months. For more information and a full quotation, please contact La Vida’s experts.

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