With its rich history, strategic Mediterranean location, and diverse landscapes. Lebanon seems at first an attractive investment option. However, the nation faces economic challenges such as high inflation, a depreciating currency and political instability which poses many risks for investors. The absence of a clear economic recovery plan and uncertainty surrounding the banking sector add to investor apprehensions. These combined factors create an unfavourable investment climate, discouraging potential investors from committing to Lebanon.

Lebanon Citizenship by Investment

Lebanon does not offer a citizenship by investment programme. Such initiatives empower individuals to secure citizenship privileges in designated countries by making substantial investments. These investments commonly involve real estate acquisitions, contributions to national development funds, or investments in local businesses. Several countries offer such programmes. Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment programme could be a great option for those looking to secure a second passport by investment in this region of the world.

Lebanon Residency By InVESTMENT

Lebanon does not currently operate any residency by investment options either. The most favourable investor visa programmes can be found in Europe, such as Portugal’s Golden Visa programme.

Lebanon’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Lebanon’s passport strength is poor, offering visa free access to only 56 countries. These countries account for 5.3% of the global wealth (GDP) and 12.3% of world travel. Therefore, placing it at 176th in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport ranking.

This crucial element explains why numerous Lebanese nationals are among the most proactive seekers of second citizenship and passports in countries like Antigua and Barbuda. Moreover, they actively pursue second residency options in Europe, such as Spain’s Golden Visa programme which offers enticing benefit of Schengen visa-free travel, making it a popular choice.


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