La Vida are delighted to announce the launch of their innovative and unique Passport Value Report. A thorough analysis which is available to all clients considering citizenship investment. The detailed and personalised reports are invaluable, allowing you to analyse not only how many destinations each passport will enable you to access, but more importantly, the true value each of these visa-free countries will bring to you. For example, if you are an entrepreneur looking to extend your international business links, visa-free access to countries such as the USA, Germany and the UK may be far more beneficial to you than visa-free access to smaller nations with low GDP.

While other passport rankings look purely at the number of destinations the La Vida report is unique in analysing the quality of access. The reports are based on two main factors which are the GDP or wealth of each country, as well as worldwide travel popularity. By combining the data of both, the Passport Value Report will give you a percentage of how valuable a certain passport may be, not only in itself but for you personally when combined with your existing citizenship and passport.

The La Vida Passport Value Report is essential for anybody who needs to understand the real value of their visa free travel before investing. Our consultants are able to run the report for several citizenships allowing you to determine the most valuable option for you personally.

Following an initial consultation, our advisors will be able to provide you with this report, free of charge, and help advise you on the best programme to meet your needs. To learn more about this service, please contact us

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