Ireland Fund Investment

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Residency Visa

Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme – Approved Fund Investment

One of the most popular investment routes for Ireland’s Golden Visa programme is via the official Investment Fund option. By making a low-risk investment of €1,000,000, applicants can secure long-term residency in Ireland through the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). ‍This investment fund is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

This asset backed, mutualised debt fund offers a very secure option for investors seeking Irish Residency. The investment needs to held for a minimum of three years before it can be liquidated. The two key objectives of the fund are:

1. Ensure maximum protection of investor funds through a conservative, low risk loan investment policy

2. Issue innovative finance to a portfolio of Irish hotels which will each increase employment levels through the lifetime of the fund

Investors must be of good character, demonstrate a minimum net worth of €2 million and must have a clean criminal record. For more details on the fund option, please contact our experts.

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