India, with its fast-growing economy and massive consumer market, offers vast opportunities for high net worth immigrant investors. Cities like Mumbai and Bangalore provide dynamic real estate markets with potential for significant returns. The country’s burgeoning tech industry, diverse economic sectors, and entrepreneurial spirit are inviting for business investments. While navigating bureaucracy can be challenging, India’s rich cultural heritage, varied landscapes, and culinary diversity enhance its appeal as a second home. Its strategic location in Asia also serves as a gateway to broader regional markets.

India Golden Visa

India does not currently offer a golden visa or citizenship by investment programme similar to those offered by some other countries. Such golden visa programmes often allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights through substantial investment, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses.

Business Visas in India

B-1 Visa

A long-term visa for those who wish to establish an industrial/business venture in India, to purchase or sell industrial products, consumer products, or consumer durables.

B-2 Visa

A short-term visa for all business purposes except those mentioned above and for those in commercial sports.

India Passport Strength and Ranking

If India were to offer a Citizenship by Investment programme, one of the concerns for applicants would be its passport. The Indian passport offers visa-free access to only around 75 countries worldwide. It is considered to be a weak passport. In terms of access for business people, it offers visa-free access to 8.8% of the world’s wealth (as measured by GDP) and 16.7% of the global travel popularity. It ranks 138th overall in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking and is a factor why so many Indian nationals are keen on gaining citizenship in countries with strong passports such as those of St Kitts and Malta.

Investment Migration

Investment migration from India is substantial, with a significant number of high net worth individuals seeking opportunities abroad. Canada’s programs, like the Provincial Nominee Program and the Start-Up Visa, are popular among Indian investors. The USA’s EB-5 Investor Visa has also seen considerable uptake, offering a pathway to residency and eventual citizenship. Australia’s Significant Investor Visa attracts affluent Indians with its promise of residency and access to a high-quality lifestyle. Driven by aspirations for better education, healthcare, and business opportunities, investment migration from India remains robust.

Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.