Hong Kong Residence Program

While Hong Kong does not have a citizenship by investment program it does offer various routes to residency for talent, professionals and entrepreneurs. The core residence program in Hong Kong was suspended in 2015.

Hong Kong now offers several categories through employment and investment. A Permanent Residency Visa can be granted after 7 years of residency in Hong Kong and citizenship can be applied for after 10 years.

General Employment Policy (GEP) Permit

Applicants must have a good educational background and/or relevant experience in addition to a confirmed letter of employment and a remuneration package commensurate with the market rate in Hong Kong.

Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP)

This scheme is for mainland Chinese residents possesing special skills, knowledge or experience of value to Hong Kong and not readily available in the market. Again the applicant will need a confirmed letter of employment.

Investment as Entrepreneurs

This is aimed at those entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in Hong Kong.

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A selection of residency and citizenship investment programmes.