As political uncertainty and protests continue in Hong Kong, La Vida has received a significant increase in enquiries from concerned clients in this region. It’s a pattern we often see as various geopolitical situations ignite and develop across the world. From South Africa to Iran, from USA post Trump travel ban to British citizens following Brexit concerns. The pattern is the same. In 2016 we saw a staggering twenty-fold increase in enquiries from Turkey following the military coup and subsequent political issues. Citizenship investment often acts as a barometer of strife highlighting the flashpoint of concerns around the globe.

*** Update March 2020***  The Coronavirus has struck every country in the world. It is likely to be a game changer for how governments and countries operate in the future. And while we will pull through this, sadly with much loss of life, this will not be the last crisis the world faces. This was perhaps unpredictable and the next one may well be too. A similar virus crisis will almost certainly result in travel restrictions and border closures within days. But we don’t know what that next crisis will be. One thing is for sure and that is diversification of your investments, citizenship and residency provides options for you and your family in times of crisis. Whatever that crisis may be. Being tied to one country is not an intelligent or responsible approach.

No one likes to feel trapped, but sadly for many, if their travel abilities or residency options are limited, this can cause much worry and fear in unstable times. In our experience one of the most common reasons investors apply for second residency or citizenship is for the security of a ‘’Plan B’’ and second passport. A quick exit strategy should they need to suddenly depart their home country due to a volatile or political situation.

With 18 programmes to choose from, we have solutions to suit an array of circumstances and budgets. Our lowest cost Citizenship by Investment programmes are in the Caribbean, which start from $100,000 + costs. A commonwealth passport will enable one to travel visa-free to over 100 countries worldwide. We also offer several Golden Visa programmes in the European Union which are well suited to those looking beyond visa-free travel. This opens the possibility of a European passport which will enable investors and their families to live, work or study in the EU at some stage of their life.  To find the right programme for you, please do not hesitate to contact our team for advice on the best options for your ”Plan B” investment.

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