Following the military takeover in August 2023, Gabon has experienced heightened unrest, protests, and disruptions, raising concerns for potential investors. The political instability stemming from the military’s control creates an uncertain business environment, potentially deterring high-net-worth individuals. The unrest in Gabon jeopardizes the predictability and safety crucial for successful investments, urging caution among potential investors.

Gabon Citizenship Investment

Gabon currently does not have a citizenship by investment option. Several other politically stable nations with more robust economies offer Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs. These programs typically allow foreign investors to obtain citizenship in exchange for making a qualifying investment in the host country. Examples of such nations include Malta, Grenada and Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Gabon Residency Investment

Gabon does not offer any specific residency by investment options.

Gabon’s Passport Strength and Ranking

If Gabon were to introduce a citizenship by investment programme, its passport would lack significant value. Presently, Gabonese citizenship provides visa-free access to only 67 countries globally, constituting merely 9.5% of the world’s wealth (GDP) and 15.2% of worldwide travel. Consequently, Gabon ranks 149th overall in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment programme is one of several alternatives, providing a considerably robust passport (ranked 64th), enabling enhanced and more costly unrestricted travel opportunities.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.