The investment migration world is evolving all the time. Most changes are for the good, but this year many programmes increased in cost or closed completely, which has left some potential investors disappointed that they missed the boat.

In 2019 alone, we have seen Canada close the door on the Quebec Immigrant Investor programme, there have been major price increases with the Cyprus citizenship programme and the USA EB5 Programme; Moldova suspended their CBI programme and almost all countries tightened up on their due diligence policies.

These changes demonstrate that as the demand for second citizenship increase, often so does the price and programme regulations become more stringent. Ultimately this is a good thing for the industry and the security of the countries offering these programmes, but it does highlight the importance of starting the application process promptly to avoid disappointments.

Whilst the process for many of the programmes is relatively fast and straightforward (an average of 3-4 months in the Caribbean) some countries can take six-twelve months or more. Processing times are also dependent on the applicants current nationality and how quickly they can gather their own documentation. Police reports and lost documents can sometimes take weeks to obtain so it is important that one takes this into account when planning ahead.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of a second citizenship or residency visa in 2020, then don’t delay, start the process today!

La Vida offers over 18 different investor visa programmes. Speak with one of our experienced consultants who can advise you on which options will suit your personal requirements best.

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