Quebec Immigrant Investment Programme (QIIP) has been established since 1986 and attracts a huge amount of interest every year. Following the closure of Canada’s main Federal Immigrant Investor program in 2014,  the QIIP is the only Canadian investor visa of it’s kind and is aimed at high net worth business professionals. The Programme requires applicants to prove a net worth of $2M (CAD), have at least 2 years management experience within the last 5 years, and to make a passive investment of $1.2M or make a donation of $350,000 to financial intermediaries authorised by the Quebec Government.

Due to the programme’s popularity, the QIIP has been subject to yearly quotas imposed by the federal government, in order to manage inventory. Currently, the limit is set to 1,900 applicants per year, of which only 665 places are available to non-Chinese citizens. The programme is set to expire on August 31st 2019, so we now have just over 6 weeks left to submit the final applications. We strongly urge applicants to move forward with this option ASAP, as it can take around 1 month to compile an application.

This is not the only programme subject to change in the coming months. Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and the USA’s EB5 programme are also set to be reviewed by October. Another reminder that these programmes are always susceptible to changes and can be closed at any point. Don’t miss out. Contact our team for more details on how to move forward with your application.

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