Bonaire is a small South Caribbean Island and a special municipality of the Netherlands. Residents hold Dutch Citizenship and use a Dutch passport for international travel.

Bonaire Citizenship Investment

There is no direct Bonaire citizenship by investment programme. However, several Caribbean Island nations offer citizenship investment programmes close by.

Bonaire Residency Options

There are currently no residency options in Bonaire available for investors. However, similar overseas territories such as Bermuda and Cayman Islands offer favourable residency investment options

Bonaire’s Passport Strength and Ranking

If Bonaire were to offer a citizenship by investment programme, the Dutch passport would be one of the main attractions for high-net-worth investors. The Dutch passport offers visa-free access to around 199 countries, access to 80.8% of the world’s wealth (as measured by GDP) and 92.6% of global travel popularity.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.