All over the world, countries, businesses, and individuals are adapting the way in which they work. One of the latest countries to make changes to their Citizenship by Investment programme is Vanuatu. Whilst it has always been possible for citizenship applications to be processed remotely, investors were previously required to collect their passport directly from Vanuatu on completion or pay a fee for the passport officers to deliver it to them in person. Given the current pandemic and temporary suspension of many flights across the globe, Vanuatu recognised that this system would no longer work for most of their investors.

On 18th June, Vanuatu’s Department of Immigration announced their intentions to conduct  short passport ceremonies with investors over video link and stated that passports can now be sent by courier to a foreign mission in the client’s country of residence, which could be a consulate, ambassador or high commissioner. Once the foreign mission has received the passport they are then able to deliver this to the client, either in person or by courier.

These changes make the simplicity of the programme even more attractive to potential applicants. Average processing times for the programme are usually around 3 months, but here at La Vida we have had numerous applications approved in less than 60 days, making this the quickest Citizenship by Investment programme we offer.

Vanuatu Citizenship enables one to gain visa-free access to 148 countries worldwide. Investment starts from $130,000 + fees for a single applicant and from $180,000 for families of four. To find out more about the programme please contact our advisors.

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