Have you ever wondered what the most popular golden visa region might be? In an exciting yet anticipated revelation, La Vida’s recent survey has confirmed that Europe stands out as the most appealing region for investors considering an Investment Migration programme in 2024. An impressive 66.11% of participants selected Europe as their most desired region for a Golden Visa programme. While we had a strong feeling of this pattern, the large percentage selecting Europe was indeed insightful, reaffirming the continent’s outstanding attractiveness.

From our extensive experience working with investors, Europe has consistently proven to be an exceptionally popular region. Its rich cultural heritage, economic stability, and high quality of life make it a top choice for those seeking new opportunities and a prosperous future. Additionally, the access to the Schengen zone is a significant draw, offering investors the freedom to travel and conduct business across 26 European countries with ease.

Most Popular Golden Visa Region

Europe offers a variety of Golden Visa options tailored to different investor needs:


Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is one of the most attractive in the region. With a low minimum stay requirement of just 7 days, and the ability to apply for Citizenship after five years without the need to reside full time, Portugal remains as one of the most favourable Golden Visa Programmes to date.


With its diverse regions and thriving economy, Spain’s Golden Visa programme allows investors to gain residency through real estate investments, providing access to the entire Schengen Area.


Greece currently offers one of the most affordable Golden Visa programmes in Europe through real estate investments from $250,000. However from August 2024, the minimum investment requirement is increasing to €400,000, plus fees, and €800,000 in more prominent areas. Act now, to enjoy the current pricing.


Malta offers both a Residency by investment programme (MPRP) and a direct Citizenship by investment programme. MPRP is one of the lowest cost routes in the region and providing you reside full time, it may lead to Citizenship.


Set to launch its Golden Visa programme in the coming months, Hungary is poised to offer another appealing option for investors with its rich history, central location in Europe, and growing economy.

The Caribbean emerged as the second most appealing region, with 17.78% of participants showing interest, likely drawn by its stunning landscapes, favorable tax regimes, and relaxed lifestyle. The USA and Canada also garnered attention, with 7.22% of investors eyeing these regions for their robust economies and diverse opportunities.

Surprisingly, Asia and Australia/New Zealand were selected by 3.89% and 3.33% of participants, respectively, reflecting their growing appeal and potential. South America, chosen by 1.67%, and Africa, with no votes, indicate areas with emerging opportunities that may gain traction in the future.

Europe’s dominance in the survey underscores its unmatched appeal for those seeking a Golden Visa, and we look forward to assisting investors in making their dreams a reality in this coveted region.

Stay tuned for more insight from the largest investment migration survey ever conducted and our other findings. Contact our experts for more information.

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