Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme provides one of the lowest cost solutions for single applicants amongst its Caribbean neighbours, starting from just $100,000, plus fees.

In the latest annual review provided by St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, in the fiscal year 2020-2021, the nation received 408 applications, the highest number to date. This was more than double the number of applications seen in the previous two years. Naturally, with such a growth in applications, St Lucia’s Citizenship Unit also received the highest revenue since the inception of the programme in 2016. The significant growth could be partly due to the launch of the Covid-19 Investment bond in 2020. Saint Lucia is one of the only Islands to be offering Citizenship by Investment through a refundable Government Bond route. Many have found this additional route very appealing. 

Applicants from all over the world have obtained citizenship in St Lucia through the CIP. According to the report Chinese investors made up the largest percentage of applicants, followed by Nigerian, USA and Russian nationals. Throughout the year, the average processing time was 66 days from the date the file was submitted in full to the CIU, which coincides well with our estimated processing time of 3-4 months.

There are two main investment options available in Saint Lucia, Citizenship by Donation (starting from $100,000) and Citizenship by Investment via Government Bonds (from $250,000). To find out more about the different routes and receive a personalised quotation, please contact our advisors for a free consultation.

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