Antigua & Barbuda – Tax Efficient Permanent Residency Program

The Permanent Residency Program of Antigua & Barbuda was introduced in 1995 to encourage wealthy individuals to establish tax residency in the country.

Qualification Requirements

It is open to non-citizens only and provides a quick and straightforward gateway to Antiguan tax residency.

Requirements to qualify for the Permanent Residency Program of Antigua & Barbuda:

  • Maintain a permanent residence in Antigua & Barbuda
  • Spend at least 30 days a year in Antigua & Barbuda
  • Annual income must exceed US$100,000
  • Pay a flat tax of US$20,000 per annum

Qualified applicants are issued a Permanent Residency Certificate and a Tax Identification Number.

Tax Efficient Benefits

The benefits of tax residency in Antigua & Barbuda include:

  • No income tax on worldwide income or assets
  • No capital gains tax on worldwide income or assets
  • No inheritance tax on worldwide or assets
  • No wealth tax on worldwide or assets

Citizenship and Residency Programmes

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