Although Ethiopia boasts the fastest-growing economy in the Horn of Africa, it still ranks among the world’s poorest nations. Furthermore, challenges such as bureaucratic obstacles, inadequate infrastructure, and political instability hinder Ethiopia’s development. Thus, investors may seek alternative avenues in other countries for acquiring second citizenship or residency.

Ethiopia Citizenship by Investment

Ethiopia does not offer a citizenship by investment or a golden visa programme. These initiatives typically extend a warm welcome to foreign investors seeking citizenship rights. Individuals looking to acquire citizenship through investment have various appealing options available, particularly in Europe and the Caribbean. One noteworthy alternative is the Maltese citizenship programme, where a significant investment in government bonds allows individuals to obtain citizenship in Malta, granting them visa-free travel to 198 countries. Moreover, for Ethiopian citizens, Malta presents a more stable and secure citizenship proposition.

Ethiopia Residency by Investment

Ethiopia currently does not provide any residency by investment options. Residency by investment, commonly referred to as Golden Visa programmes, allows foreign investors to secure a long-term residency visa by making a significant investment in a country, often through real estate or government bonds. Numerous European nations offer such programmes. For viable alternatives, investors may consider exploring initiatives like the Spanish Golden Visa programme, which offers Spanish residency in exchange for a real estate investment.

Ethiopia Passport Strength and Ranking

Ethiopia’s passport is among the least powerful, allowing access to only 54 countries, representing a mere 4.4% of global wealth (measured by GDP) and 8.8% of worldwide travel. As a result, it occupies the 185th position on La Vida’s extensive Global Passport Ranking. This ranking highlights the restrictive global mobility and limited economic opportunities for potential citizens. Stronger passports are available through several citizenship by investment programmes. For example, Dominica’s passport ranks 65th, offering far better global travel freedom, making it a preferable citizenship solution for high-net-worth individuals.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.