Portugal has had yet another successful year with its popular Golden Visa Programme. Official statistics from SEF show that November experienced a 30% growth from the same period last year, generating over €77 million in just one month alone. 2018 has been an excellent year for foreign direct investment, with 1,260 main applicants applying for Golden Visas so far, investing a total £744 million over the course of the year. Since the programme first began in 2012, the total investment raised is close to staggering €4.2 billion.

The Portuguese Golden Visa has been one of our most popular programmes here at La Vida and we have witnessed first hand the increase in investors this past 12 months. The citizenship legislation was reduced from 6 years, down to 5 earlier in the year, making it even more attractive to perspective investors whose end goal is a European passport. The reduced €350,000 route has also been in huge demand in the last 24 months and we have helped many clients achieve this option through our exclusive qualifying property portfolio.

By investing a minimum of €350,000 into real estate in Portugal, the programme enables families to apply for residency. After 5 years of holding a residency permit, it is then possible for investors to apply for citizenship. The minimum stay requirement is an average of just 7 days per year. La Vida have a vast property portfolio in Portugal and can assist clients with the entire process.


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