Immigration Investment

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Immigration InvestmentSeveral countries have had immigration investment programmes in place for a number of years. Most notable are Canada, Australia, USA (EB5) and UK (Tier 1). The programmes are aimed at economic migrants seeking to permanently emigrate with their business or wealth to set up home in a new country.

In recent years a new breed of investment visa programme has become popular. More commonly known as the golden visa or investor visa these are programmes provide the right to live in the country but do not require you to become resident. They satisfy the needs of a new generation of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who are seeking the freedom to travel, the ease of doing business cross border, the potential for a second passport and insurance for their family for the future.

These programmes provide flexibility and do not demand the immigration, physical residence or even tax residence of an individual investor and their family. Applicants can continue to live in their home country, maintain their business and tax residence but with the additional security, insurance and freedom that a second passport or travel visa provides.

In the last four years more than six programmes have been introduced in Europe and the Caribbean has grown from one long established programme in St. Kitts to four.

Investor Immigration Europe

Portugal Immigration Investment

An investment of €500,000 provides the right to live in Portugal and provides a Schengen visa. Visit the country two weeks every two years to retain the visa.

Spain Immigration Investment

Similar to Portugal, an investment of €500,000 in real estate in Spain and minimal requirement to visit in order to maintain the visa.

Cyprus Immigration Investment

A €2.5 million investment in real estate in Cyprus provides a passport which allows the applicant to live anywhere in Europe.

Malta Immigration Investment

Investment totalling €1.25 million in Malta secures citizenship. The applicant needs to retain ties with the island.

Greece Immigration Investment

Just €250,000 invested in property in Greece provides permanent residency should the investor need it and a Schengen visa allowing travel in Europe.

Hungary Immigration Investment

The bond investment programme in Hungary requires a purchase of government bonds for a minimum €300,000. Applicants need retain an address in Hungary but there is no minimum stay.

Bulgaria Immigration Investment

Investment of €1.2 million in government bonds in Bulgaria will gain citizenship and a second passport.

Investor Immigration Caribbean

St Kitts Immigration Investment

A long established programme. St Kitts investment varies and can include real estate leading to a second passport.

Antigua Immigration Investment

Investment in real estate in Antigua, a development contribution or establishing a business will lead to a second passport.

Dominica Immigration Investment

A donation or real estate investment in Dominica from just $200,000 leads to a second passport.

Grenada Immigration Investment

Citizenship and a second passport is granted for Grenada through a minimum $250,000 investment.