The South Pacific Island of Vanuatu is often unfamiliar to our investors, but it is becoming increasingly popular since the launch of its Citizenship by Investment programme in 2016. The Commonwealth nation of Vanuatu offers an attractive and cost-effective route to gain citizenship and a second passport, which in turn gives investors visa-free access to 129 countries including the EU Schengen Zone, UK, Russia, Hong Kong and more.

According to recent figures, published by Vanuatu’s Finance and Treasury Department, the country’s Citizenship by Investment programme is continuing to show rapid signs of growth, reaching 75% of this year’s target in the first six months. Vanuatu’s Citizenship Programme is the Government’s biggest revenue generator, having now overtaken VAT income.

In 2016, the programme generated $24 million. This figure more than trebled in 2018 when the programme brought in over $88 million, which was a third of the Government’s total revenue that year. 2019 is expected to exceed these figures as a staggering $46 million has already been generated in the first six months alone. These figures are an excellent sign, not only for the programme but the island’s economy in general and we expect such growth will continue as word spreads of this beneficial citizenship programme.

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Vanuatu Revenue Stats

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