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Individuals holding a USA passport enjoy the privilege of visa-free and visa-on-arrival entry to 198 countries and territories across the globe. This equates to 79.3% of the world’s total wealth, measured by GDP, and represents 91.4% of global travel popularity. In La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking, the USA passport holds the 36th position.

However, this measure simplifies by counting all destinations equally. At La Vida, our unique GDP and Travel Popularity measures go beyond, considering the “quality” of these destinations. This nuanced approach ensures not all countries are weighted equally, providing you with an intelligent assessment of the true value your investment brings in terms of visa-free access.


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The combination of a second passport with your existing passport is often overlooked when deciding on an investor visa programme. Your existing passport already provides a list of visa-free travel destinations. When obtaining a second passport, it’s crucial to ensure that the added benefits complement your current travel privileges. Simply “doubling up” with the same visa-free destinations offers no tangible advantage. La Vida’s Passport Investment Report goes beyond a mere count of destinations; it analyses your unique combination, identifying the passport that best aligns with your travel profile and existing passport. Whether GDP holds significance for your frequent business travels or Travel Popularity is crucial for leisure and vacations, our report caters to your specific needs. This invaluable service, accompanied by a detailed analysis, is offered exclusively by La Vida at no cost to our clients.

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The USA does not have a direct Citizenship by Investment Programme. However, they do provide several Residency by Investment Programmes, namely some of the most well known are the EB5 Visa and the E2 Visa. After five years of maintaining a Permanent Residency permit in the USA, commonly referred to as a green card, residents are then eligible to apply to become a U.S. citizen. The naturalization process requires passing a U.S. civics and English language test, demonstrating good moral character, and meeting other eligibility requirements. The process of obtaining U.S. citizenship can take several years and requires careful planning and compliance with U.S. immigration laws

Read more on the details of the USA’s EB5 Programme or register with us to get your free report and speak to one of our advisors today.


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