Programme Overview

The United Arab Emirates Golden Visa programme (often referred to as the Dubai Golden Visa or Sharjah Golden Visa), is available to selected investors and specialised professionals. The Golden Visa programme will allow certain foreign nationals to obtain a five or ten year residency permit, providing specific requirements are met. This programme is open to high-net-worth investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and medical professionals, people of exceptional talents (sports, arts & culture, digital technology, inventors and innovators) and humanitarian pioneers and frontline heroes. For investors, the minimum investment starts from 2,000,000 AED, plus fees.

UAE Golden Visa Investment Routes

If you do not qualify as a person of exceptional talent, then the simplest way to gain a Golden Visa in the UAE is through the investment route. Applicants will need to purchase a property or off-plan real estate in the UAE for a minimum of 2,000,000 AED, (approximately 545,000 USD), plus fees. Successful applicants will gain a renewable five year long term residence permit.

It is also possible to obtain a 10 year residency permit by depositing 2,000,000 AED in an accredited UAE investment fund. Investors following this route must also pay the Federal Tax Authorities an annual payment of 250,000 AED.

UAE Citizenship by Investment

The United Arab Emirates traditionally only grant residency permits to foreign nationals. There is no direct UAE citizenship by investment programme. Following the introduction of the Golden Visa programme in 2021, the UAE law was amended to allow selected special talents to apply for citizenship. Citizenship will not be available to everyone, individuals will need to be nominated and assessed by the UAE’s cabinet, executive councils, or the courts, and will need to have completed a period of residency first.

2,000,000 AED minimum investment

Real Estate or Fund Investment

Long Term Residency Visa

Live, Work, Study

Full family residency

Process to obtain A Golden Visa

Following a full consultation with La Vida and a pre-application background check, our advisors will assist you in choosing the most appropriate investment option for UAE’s Golden Visa programme. Our legal partners will assist you with the entire application process from A to Z. Various documents will be required when applying, such as copies of your passports and ID’s, bank statements, a medical report, evidence of health insurance and evidence of your investment.

Benefits of UAE’s Golden Visa Programme

Successful applicants will have the right to live, work and study in UAE. The main applicant can include their family, including their spouse and children. The UAE is one of the world’s most popular destinations for expats. Over 80% of residents in the UAE are expats. The United Arab Emirates is an attractive international business hub ideal for those looking for tax-free living, high class career opportunities, a safe environment, and a high quality of life. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular locations that Golden Visa investors choose to reside in.

Other UAE Residency Visas

The UAE offer many different types of short and long term residency visas. The terms of the UAE Golden Visa programme have been amended several times since it was first released and therefore you may find various conflicting information online. La Vida specialises in investor visas for high-net-worth applicants and will be able to advise you on the latest options available. For more information, please contact our experts.

More Information 

UAE Golden Visa FAQ's

Alternative Programs

The UAE’s Golden Visa programme is best suited to investors looking to specifically reside in the UAE. If your end goal is to obtain a second citizenship and passport then the UAE is not for you. There are several other direct Citizenship by Investment programmes available which you may find more suitable.


A selection of residency and citizenship programmes.