The South Pacific Polynesian archipelago presents several viable investment opportunities including marine resources, agricultural initiatives, and renewable energy potentials. However, these prospects are tempered by economic dependency, as the nation heavily relies on external aid and remittances, rendering it susceptible to global economic fluctuations. Additionally, the presence of limited infrastructure, often ill-equipped to mitigate cyclone risks, introduces various challenges and potential hazards for prospective investors.

Tonga Citizenship Investment

Presently, Tonga does not have a formal residency or citizenship by investment programme.

However, it’s noteworthy that, whilst Citizenship by Investment in Saint Kitts is commonly acknowledged as the pioneering programme, Tonga holds the distinction of being the first to implement such a programme. In 1982, the island nation initiated its investment programme, initially catering to Protected Persons. One of the programme’s early participants was the deposed Filipino dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, and his family. During this period, more than 7,000 passports were issued, and notably, the programme operated without regulatory oversight. After much debate and urgency from the nation’s opposition, the King of Tonga closed the programme and abolished the practice in 1996.

Tonga Residency Options

There are currently no residency options in Tonga available for Investors.

Tonga’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Tonga’s passport strength is reasonably strong, offering visa-free access to 137 countries. These countries also account for 51.7% of world wealth (GDP) and 63.5% of world travel. This places it at the 81st position in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport ranking.

Although Tonga does not currently offer citizenship by investment or residency programmes, Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment programme serves as a great alternative. Likewise, if investors want to experience similar natural beauty and climate with better economic prospects, the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes such as Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and St Lucia all offer attractive options.


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