Client Testimonials

A selection of client testimonials from investors who have completed the full process with La Vida.

Lukas and the whole team quickly established trust. There was always good communication and our expectations were always well managed. Every email with a dumb question was answered promptly.

Mr G, USA, October 2023

”Generally, the La Vida team who handled the process (for me and my family) were very responsive and professional. My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Daniel Twomey and Chelita Virdee. Daniel Twomey was my first contact at La Vida in late 2018 and he continued to maintain contact from the time I first indicated interest until I was finally ready in 2022. I applaud his knowledge of the process and his warm guidance, prior to handing me over to the team. He was warm and friendly and very easy to talk to. Then of course, Chelita Virdee. She basically hand- held me through the process. I found her to be very knowledgeable about the process and she was always armed with answers to my questions. And when she did not readily have an answer, I could always count on her to find out and revert to me with one. I felt very comfortable with her and could reach out to her at anytime of the day( I think I overdid it sometimes). Thank you Daniel. Thank you Chelita. Thank you La Vida team

Mrs Odusanya, Nigeria, Sep 2023

La Vida has the best of the best to ensure the process is smoothly handled – impeccable service!! Jessica was outstanding she never gave up, she followed religiously and I was taken up with her focus/persistence. The team in St Kitts & Nevis were an absolute pleasure to deal with. very professional in their approach to make this work & be successful. What a marvellous group. They are simply the BEST!”

 Ms P, South Africa, August 2023

”Very professional and responsive. Great partner in Malta. They were/are fantastic. ”

Mr B, USA, August 2023

”Daniel was extremely professional, thorough, and patient, going above and beyond to answer all of my initial questions. Chelita was also very helpful during the application and document gathering process.”

Olivier, Canada, August 2023

”Very good and professional support from Chelita Virdee, Jude Clemoes through all the process ”

Mr Baldassarri, Italy, July 2023

” My experience with the consultants especially Chelita was so impressive and awesome. Always very responsive and ready to assist whenever she was called upon. Her guidance, swift assistance and responses made the whole experience very seamless. The experience, though cumbersome was awesome. I truly appreciate her. ”

Ms Agarry, Nigeria, July 2023

” Daniel Twomey was my first contact and he was very helpful. I appreciate his commitment. Thank you Sir! ”

Mr Orland, Uganda, July 2023

”Chelita and Daniel kept me informed throughout the entire process. they were also very proactive in their approach. so someone with a busy lifestyle can be assured. They weren’t pushy, the sales agent was calm. ”

Mr O, June 2023

”You have been nothing but the most important people I had to meet and deal with for the last 30 years. I understand it is a business, but the amount of time everyone here has put, and all the dedication is beyond imagination. You all have given me the ability to acquire the most expensive thing earth had to offer: Freedom. Freedom has no price, and coming from a country where you need a visa to go almost everywhere is not easy. I just want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for everything! ”

Mr BenKhaled, Morocco, April 2023

”It was great working with your team, they are all rock stars!”

Mr S, Serbia, January 2023

”Chelita was particularly responsive.”

Mr Teo, Philippines, March 2023

”Paul Mandrinos was instrumental in helping my clients decide what was the best citizenship by donation scheme that would have quickly expedited their application. The legal team in St. Kitt’s were also quite patient and helpful with the challenges of getting documentation out from government agencies in the Philippines that were literally closed for half a year due to the pandemic. But after 1 year we managed to finally get our clients application approved. Thank you! We shall definitely use La Vida’s services and expertise again for any future clients of wishing to attain a 2nd citizenship.”

Lorenzo Urra, Hong Kong / Philippines, March 2023

”It was great working with your team, they are all rock stars!”

Mr S, Serbia, January 2023

”Even with the long wait and us being impatient Chelita and Jude did a very good job, and Rebecca was excellent during initial stage. Good looking web page and easy-to-read information. ”

Mrs Inyushin, Russia / France, January 2023

”This was a much better experience than I had expected. Keith and Mtonya were my main points of contact during the process. We were able to have video calls with constant contact during the process. the communication was fantastic, and the expectations that were set was exactly what happened. It is refreshing to work with a group that does what they say they will do. I am very pleased and would recommend La Vida to anyone that is looking”

Mr H, USA, January 2023

”Daniel from La Vida and Keith have both been very polite, solution oriented and quick to respond. I also valued cost transparency from the beginning.”

Mr U, Germany, January 2023

”Everything is perfect. Miss Edwina is the only point of contact so far and I appreciate the professionalism.”

Mr Kumar, UAE / India, November 2022

”Credit to Luke, who supported me really well. Luke was very responsive to all my questions at the beginning. He gained my trust in engaging further with La Vida. I also love La Vida’s website which is very comprehensive.”

Ms Chen, USA / China, October 2022

”I am glad I chose La Vida, they updated me every step of the way even when they were delays. The service was impeccable and I would definitely recommend.”

M. Inyang, Nigeria, October 2022

”Competent, friendly and very polite and helpful.”

Germany, September 2022

”We made calls to several companies and after talking to Charlie Filleul, we choose La Vida based on that conversation. Charlie listened to what we were interested in and presented several options and answered all of our questions. When we made our choice she quickly moved the process forward. We found Charlie and La Vida to be knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. The process moved smoothly, everyone was competent and easy to work with.”

Elizabeth Walsh and Daniel Koczur, USA, August 2022

”I have had a very good experience till now with La Vida. Charlie Filleul was fantastic in her support. He professionalism coupled with excellent communication skills stood out! The responses were timely too. Overall, a very trust worthy experience!”

Mr Sekar, UAE & India, August 2022

”La Vida provided the service in a professional manner. Staffs are friendly and willing to help.”

Simon Chang, China & Germany, Aug 2022

”We got the best services with La Vida’s company, Jude was so helpful and answers all questions on time. Jessica from the beginning answered our questions well and clear every area we need clarifications on. Everything was perfect for us.”

Mrs Oguzie , Nigeria, April 2022

”Fantastic service from the team. Chelita was very responsive and it was a pleasure working with her and the team.”

Toyin Kehinde, Nigeria, Jan 2022

”Just excellent in all ramifications. I give them A-star. Have already started strong recommendations to friends.”

Dr Izinyon, Feb 2022

”The service was quite satisfactory. I was very impressed with my handler – Jude Clemoes. She was very professional and patient.”

Mr Etonye, July 2021

”Service was excellent from start to finish. Jude and Chelita were exceptional, extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Paul was also great in providing me with the initial information on the different options and choices available which helped me in making my decision. I will highly recommend La Vida to anyone looking to embark on the Investor Visa Programme.”

Samrette Johnston, UK, Jan 2022

”The team did a great job supporting us along the way, tackling hardships, and finding great solutions to the issues we came across.”

Mr Abdullah, Syria, July 2021

”Excellent service. Jessica was very helpful throughout the application process. Very professional and poses a high degree of commitment.”

Mr Zimbeva, Zimbabwe, May 2021

”The service I received was very commendable and especially the dedication of Jessica Brill. Well-coordinated service with the law firm in St Kitts.”

Mr Amechi, Nigeria, July 2021

”The whole process was so organized and the staff were so helpful. Special thanks to Paul Mandrinos and Jude Clemoes, Jude was extremely helpful and easy to talk to.”

Nigeria, July 2021

”Service was great and level of assistance and communication were exemplary.”

Mr Oladeji, Nigeria, July 2021

”It was fantastic!”

Mrs Odusanya, Nigeria, March 2021

”The team provided timely information to move the process forward and frankly they were on top of the process. Overall, the service provided was very professional.”

Nigeria, March 2021

”Paul and Jude were exceptionally helpful and kept in contact throughout the process.”

Nigeria, Dec 2020

”I am very satisfied with the services provided by La Vida. I will like to say thank you to Daniel, Jude and Sophie.”

Nigeria, Dec 2020

”I’m very much satisfied by the service and your choice of partner in the home country. As well, the Team was always responsive at all times during the entire process.”

Mr Chukwuemeka, Nigeria, Dec 2020

”The service provided was impeccable. The 2 people I dealt with are Ms. Jude Clemoes (that frankly was exceptional) and Daniel Twomey. I really enjoyed working with La Vida and would recommend it to others.”

Mr Hinnawi, Lebanon, Nov 2020

”My experience with La Vida was amazing. Although the process involved a lot of documentation, Jude made everything seamless. I really appreciate the effort and service provided by the La Vida team.”

Nigeria, Nov 2020

”Service provide was on point, almost flawless I might say.”

Mr Apiafi, Nigeria, Nov 2020

”Excellent service. Jude was absolutely fantastic while handling our issues and documentation, especially when it came to managing expectations when the application has a few delays. There fact that we were also able to communicate with the local agent in Grenada at later stages also gave us quite a lot of comfort. La Vida is truly 5 star.”

Nigeria, Nov 2020

”Allow me please, to express my profound thanks and gratitude for your professional & outstanding service! Your patience, support etc., will never go unnoticed. This was indeed GOOD NEWS! Your are the most trusted team.”

South Africa, Oct 2020

”The service was professional, efficient and feedback was always very quick. Even though our application was delayed due to the pandemic, we received several assurances which was very helpful. I have recommended your firm to two of my very close friends and their applications are already underway”

Nigeria, August 2020

”Daniel was so patient with all my voluminous emails / questions without any complaint when we started this journey. His professionalism, openness and willingness to help actually encouraged me to sign up with La Vida. Fabulous and ever ready Jude, who despite her busy schedule, took me by hand through all the processes and documents with smiles all through until the submission of the applications and finally delivery of the PASSPORTS ! For sure, I will recommend LA VIDA to anyone anytime who is interested in obtaining a second citizenship – Your Integrity and Professionalism is EXCELLENT. Please keep it up!!”

Mr Ogilo, Nigeria, August 2020

”I would like to thank Jude and her team for their help. I had contacted another agency previously and was not satisfied with their lack of answers and guidance, vague timelines and payment information. La Vida had everything down to a science. Although I live on another continent, I always got an answer within 24 hours. They told me in the beginning that my project would take approximately 45 days and it was finished well before that timeline. No matter how many questions I had, the team was always courteous and attentive.”

Mr Suess, USA, August 2020

”Excellent response and service. The whole service was well explained. Jude and Leslie-Ann took me through the entire process of application until completion. Very well experienced team. Excellent, would recommend to anyone.”

Mr Flora, Kenya, August 2020

”Very efficient. The uploading of documents to Dropbox for screening and vetting work very well.”

South Africa, June 2020

”It was very easy to coordinate, and no matter how much help was needed La Vida staff were very helpful.”

Hamza, Pakistan, June 2020

”Service was excellent, and I have not stopped to make recommendations to my friends who have shown interest in a second passport.”

Nigeria, April 2020

”Very happy with the services your company offered, special thanks to Daniel & Jude for their help and support, very patient answering all the questions, always accessible, respond to emails and phone calls even during weekends. Thanks, Daniel & Jude you did Fantastic job.”

Anna, Malta, March 2020

”I would like to express our gratitude to both of you (Jude and Daniel) for your fantastic job and patients. I am so happy to have chosen your company, definitely recommended, professional and responsive. Thanks again for your support, tireless effort, and understating.”

Libya, March 2020

”I would like to start by thanking you and your team for your tireless efforts. The service provided was very professional and efficient. We are happy to have chosen your company, and to have had the chance to have you and your colleagues to guide us through the process.”

Alireza, Iran, February 2020

”Very good service , and special thanks for Mr Paul Mandrinos for the advice he gave me to obtain Saint Lucian passport , and thanks to Jude Clemoes for all the support along the process.”

Libya, November 2019

”Simply flawless. Great communication and exceptionally helpful compared to other citizenship service providers I have been in touch with.”

China, October 2019

”I worked with Paul Mandrinos, who has been very helpful on the entire process. I felt the information he gave me was accurate and honest.”

USA, October 2019

”Great service. Was handled by Paul Mandrinos and he took me trough the entire process. Managed documentation in less than 3 weeks. Will recommend.”

Mr Flora, Kenya, October 2019

”Response times to e-mails and requests for phone calls was always very quick. When something was promised to be sent in the future then it was delivered on time. Service was always professional and my needs were understood before giving advice, and staff were patient to respond to all my questions, regardless how major or minor they were. The price was within reasonable range relative to competitors.”

Canada, October 2019

”Jude was exceptional in service and is always so pleasant. Even when we were a bit agitated due to delays experienced during the process, she had a very canny way of restoring calm and confidence. La Vida most surely delivered on their promise. My family and I have already started enjoying the freedom provided by our second passport!”

Nigeria, October 2019

”Paul Mandrinos was very helpful and informative. He made himself very accessible every time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested.”

Nigeria, October 2019

”Jude Clemoes did a fantastic job handling our issues. She was always very professional and courteous.”

Nigeria, August 2019

”Excellent service, good support and very good follow up from all parties until the project is finalized.”

Mr El Sayad, Egypt, Februay 2019

”Very great service, well done.”

Mr Adedeji, Nigeria, June 2019

”The company is prompt in responses to concerns and questions”.

Nigeria, January 2019

”Terrific service, very responsive and helpful.”

USA, October 2018

”I found their service to be the most informative and helpful. I felt secure with La Vida regarding confidentiality. Very professional and quick, with Nancy in the Dominica being very responsive and efficient”

Mr Roux, South Africa, April 2018

”I did a lot of research before making contact with La Vida when I was looking to buy an apartment in Spain. I have to say that I made the right choice because they were extremely helpful and professional. It certainly made the buying process far simpler than it could have been. I also want to pay special thanks to Lizzie Edwards of La Vida who was absolutely fantastic throughout and couldn’t do enough to help. I would certainly recommend La Vida to my friends.”

John Vicars, UK, January 2015

”Thanks a lot! Your team down here is just great! It is so amazing! I just succeed to do all in one day! With Pico and Joao and Ana, all went so fine! Thanks again for your support! I will keep in touch with you!”

Fatou, Ivory Coast, January 2017

”It was my great pleasure to work with you and La Vida team including Catarina… All went well so far and hope we would conclude the investment next month as planned; I also wish the investment will serve the main purpose of having a citizenship at the end. Honestly, I was satisfied at all levels including legal, contractual, property purchase & price, payment terms, relationship with Counsel, Local Banking and local coordinator.”

UAE, February 2017

”Love Daniel, he really went above & beyond. Great guy and super knowledgeable & helpful, throughout the process. I found their service to be the most informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend.”

USA, March 2018

”We are very happy for all the services your company has offered, staff are so kind, especially Jessica is very helpful and spared us the hassle when we visited Cyprus and made our buying decision. Yes, we’ll definitely recommend you to our friends and family.”

Christina, China, November 2016

”Very professional attitude of the team and fantastic local partner in the country of residence program.”

Armenia, March 2018

”I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Daniel Twomey as he was of great help to us in our process of applying for Hungary Residency, he always responded to e mails, phone calls even during weekends. Surely I will recommend friends and family who are interested is such project to apply through La Vida due to the fact that the process went smoothly and according to our requirements.”

Lana, Iraq, January 2017

”What I liked about La Vida is that you are upfront with your fees and have very good communication, from initial interaction describing different visa options to answering random questions during the process. We would certainly be unable to do it without their help. I’d definitely be recommending and promoting your services among friends”

Russia, November 2018