In May 2020, Saint Lucia launched a new Citizenship by Investment option – The Covid-19 Relief Bond.

This was a wise move by the Saint Lucian Government who acted quickly to safeguard the Island from the financial impact the pandemic was about to create. The offering was initially set to run until December 2020, but due to its popularity and success, the Limited Time Offer was extended for a further two years, now expiring in December 2022.

Applicants choosing this route are required to invest a minimum of $250,000 for a single applicant or $300,000 for a family of four. The bonds, which are at 0% interest need to be held for five years and following this period, can be liquidated. Whilst the initial outlay of this Citizenship by Investment option is higher than Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Donation route, the main attraction for many is that this route is fully refundable and investors will later be able to recoup their funds, minus fees.

With the December 31st deadline approaching, we urge interested investors to act promptly to meet the expiry date. It takes most investors an average of 4-6 weeks to gather their documentation, so there is limited to left to initiate the process. La Vida’s consultants will assist you with the entire application and our in house processing team will ensure your application is processed seamlessly and promptly. Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment programme can also be applied for remotely as there is no need to travel to St Lucia. A St Lucia Passport also grants visa-free access to 157 countries worldwide.

For more details and a full quotation, please contact our experts.

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