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St Kitts Passport Holders 2023Investment in a St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship will significantly enhance your global travel options as St Kitts hold visa-waiver or e-visa agreements with 166 countries and territories worldwide. That represents 46.0% of the world’s wealth measured by GDP and 72.5% of worldwide travel popularity based on international visitors.

The 166 total destinations includes 144 countries and 22 overseas territories. That’s 73.1% of total worldwide destinations. But this is a simple measure as it counts all destinations equally. At La Vida our unique GDP and Travel Popularity measures take account of the “quality” of those destinations. That way not all countries are counted equally and you receive an intelligent assessment of just what your investment brings in terms of visa-free access.

Second Passport

St Kitts and Nevis second passport investment reportWhat is often overlooked when deciding on a citizenship by investment programme is the fit or combination of a second passport with your existing passport. Your own passport has a certain degree of visa-free access already. Anything you add with a second passport should complement those destinations. It’s of no real benefit “doubling up” with the same visa-free destinations. The La Vida Passport Investment Report will analyse for you your personal combination and what fits best. Not just for the number of destinations but for what suits your travel profile needs and your existing passport. Is it GDP perhaps because you undertake a lot of business travel, or Travel Popularity for leisure and vacations? Our report is free and La Vida is the only St. Kitts authorised agency offering this level of analysis and invaluable service to our clients.

Passport Investment

St Kitts is one of the longest standing and most popular citizenship by investment programmes available in the world today offering both real estate investment and donation options. But it is not the only one. La Vida offers over 18 programmes from which we can analyse and choose the best for you. Not only for visa free travel but for the many other benefits to suit your personal needs. Read more on the possibilities of St. Kitts Citizenship through Investment or register with us, get your free report and speak to one of our advisors today.


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