The Spanish Golden Visa programme has experienced its most successful year on record according to the latest government figures.  Since starting in 2013, the programme has raised almost 3 billion euros and shown an approximate growth of 45% year on year.  Whilst the minimum investment required is just €500,000, the average investment being made by real estate buyers has been around €740,000. This reflects the fact that many applicants treat Spain as a residence and choose to invest for a home rather than simply investing at the €500,000 Golden Visa qualifying limit.

Barcelona has proven to be the most popular city for investors whilst many are investing in coastal regions such as the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca. For those looking for a lifestyle property, these coastal areas prove to be much more costs effective. In locations such as Alicante, Costa Blanca south, investors can expect to find a brand new contemporary villa with a private pool for around €500,000 or just above. City investment are great for rental return but price per square meter comes at a much higher cost.

Not only is the Golden Visa Programme thriving, the property market as a whole has been showing significant sings of growth over the last few years. In 2018 the market showed a 6.2% annual increase in property prices according to the registered housing databases provided by the General Council of Spanish Notaries Public.

La Vida have been selling property in Spain for over 15 years and are perfectly positioned to assist clients in investing for the Golden Visa Residency Permit. With a vast property portfolio in a number of regions, La Vida have different property options to suit everyone.

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