Slovakia is a landlocked European country known for its rich history, scenic landscapes, and cultural heritage. Located in Central Europe, it was part of Czechoslovakia until 1993 when it became an independent nation. Slovakia boasts a mix of historic towns, picturesque mountains, including the High Tatras, and dense forests. Its economy has grown steadily, with a focus on manufacturing and technology sectors.


Slovakia Golden Visa

Slovakia does not currently offer an investor visa programme similar to those offered elsewhere. In Europe such golden visa programmes have become popular options for countries looking to attract inward investment and they allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights through substantial investment, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses.

Slovakia Citizenship Bill

Slovakia has been considering changes to its citizenship laws that would make it easier for descendants of Slovak citizens to acquire citizenship. This proposed change was colloquially referred to as the “3rd generation Slovakia citizenship bill.” It aims to allow individuals with Slovak ancestry, even if they are a few generations removed (up to the third generation), to claim Slovak citizenship.

Major Investment Programme

Slovakia does offer some form of citizenship by investment programme, but it is extremely expensive, far more so than those offered by some other countries. Even for the likes of Austria or Switzerland which have both set very high standards of investment and business involvement to have any chance of gaining citizenship through investment. Slovakia requires an investment of over €100 million that will directly create at least 300 new jobs and made at the discretion of the Slovak government in the public interest. For these reasons we highly recommend instead pursuing other golden visa routes elsewhere in the EU.

Slovakia Passport Strength and Ranking

The Slovak Republic passport is very strong, ranking 29th in the comprehensive La Vida Global Passport Ranking. This is down to its visa-free access to 197 countries, which account for 91.8% of global travel and 80.4% of world wealth (in GDP). Were Slovakia to offer a mainstream golden visa scheme similar to other EU member states such as Hungary or a citizenship investment option as with Malta, then its passport would be a strong incentive for investors.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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