For international high net worth investors considering a second citizenship and golden passport, Sierra Leone may not appear as the most attractive option. Despite its potential, the West African nation faces several challenges, including bureaucratic hurdles and infrastructural deficiencies. Consequently, investors may prefer to explore alternative options that offer greater stability and more favourable conditions.

Sierra Leone Citizenship Investment

At present, Sierra Leone doesn’t offer a citizenship-by-investment or a golden visa programme. International investors often seek alternative opportunities paticularly in Europe or the Caribbean. Potential applicants may find the St. Lucia CBI programme appealing. This initiative encourages investment from those seeking citizenship rights. By making substantial investments, typically in real estate or government funds, individuals can secure citizenship in St. Lucia and enjoy visa-free access to 158 countries.

Sierra Leone’s Residency Investment

Sierra Leone does not offer a residency by investment programme. We suggest exploring alternative avenues in Europe such as Hungary’s Golden Visa programme, which grants Hungarian residency in exchange for a real estate bond investment.

Sierra Leone’s Passport Strength and Ranking

If Sierra Leone were to introduce a citizenship-by-investment program, its appeal to foreign investors would be restricted. The passport it offers provides access to only 63 countries, representing just 6.6% of global wealth (measured by GDP) and 9.0% of worldwide travel. Consequently, it would rank 167th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking, indicating limited global mobility and economic opportunities for potential citizens.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.