Russian Residency by Investment Programme

In November 2020, the Russian government announced their plans to introduce a residency by investment programme. Draft legislation drawn up by the country’s Ministry of Economy suggests that investors will be able to gain Russian permanent residency rights in exchange for a minimum investment of 10 million rubles (approx. $130,000) into a Russian company formation which creates at least 10 jobs. There will be several other investment options to choose from at a higher rate, including a real estate option requiring a minimum property purchase at 30 million rubles  (approx. $400,000 ).

Applicants will initially be granted a temporary residence permit and can apply for permanent residency after one year. Knowledge of the Russian language will also be required, but it is unclear at this stage as to what level will be expected. Citizenship could follow after a period of residence.

We hope to see this programme in place at the earliest from July 2021. Please contact us to be informed when further details become available.

Invesment Immigration from Russia

Russian high net worth individuals have long sought to diversify their investments, secure global mobility, and access to better education and healthcare for their families. Countries like Hungary have attracted Russian investors through their residency investment programs. Meanwhile, Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program, launched in 2016 and later revised with lower investment thresholds, became increasingly popular among Russians due to its straightforward process and strategic location. While the motivations for investment migration are diverse, including economic stability, asset diversification, and lifestyle considerations, geopolitical developments have always played a role in shaping the patterns and volumes of investment migration from Russia to countries like Hungary, Turkey, and beyond.


A selection of residency and citizenship investment programmes.