A number of high net worth individuals are moving to Puerto Rico for the its considerable tax breaks. With no taxes on capital gains or passive income, the Caribbean island is an alluring prospect for those with the means to relocate. Additionally, its investment opportunities in real estate and cryptocurrency have sought to attract investors. Despite this, as a hot-spot for hurricanes, investment can pose risks.

Puerto Rico Citizenship by Investment

Puerto Rico is not an independent sovereign nation and there is no formal residency or citizenship by investment programme. Puerto Rico is in fact a territory of the United States and inhabitants are considered US citizens. Individuals seeking to reside in Puerto Rico typically need to adhere to the immigration regulations and policies of the USA.

Puerto Rico Passport Strength and Ranking

Puerto Rico does not have its own passport but adopts that of the USA. The US passport is ranked at 36th on La Vida’s comprehensive global Passport Ranking.

Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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