July 2019 has been a record-breaking month for Portugal’s Golden Visa programme, generating a staggering €98,300,000 worth of investment in just over 4 weeks! Since 2012 the programme has now raised over €4.7 billion worth of investment and over 20,000 residency permits have been issued to families from all over the world. Countries with most investors for the programme include China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Turkey. However, La Vida has helped applicants from over 70 countries worldwide invest in this programme. They include Indian, Middle Eastern, African and US Nationals to name a few.

In 2019 alone there has already been a total of €470.5 million invested in just seven months. If investments continue at the current rate, 2019 is set to be the most successful year ever for the programme.

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is by far the most flexible options in Europe currently. Minimum stay requirements are just 7 days per year and investors have the opportunity to apply for citizenship and a passport after five years, without the need to reside in the country. The initial residency status allows applicants to travel freely around the Schengen zone during the first five years, and once EU Citizenship has been obtained, they can then live, work or study in any EU member country. It is the ideal programme for those who are not looking to reside in Europe immediately but may want the option in the future for either themselves or their children.

La Vida specialises in the reduced €350,000 Golden Visa Programme and offer several qualifying projects which satisfy the legislation surrounding this. For more details please contact our experts.

SEF Stats July 2019
Official Statistics from the Immigration Authorities
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