Norway, with its robust economy, political stability, and high quality of life, is attractive to high net worth immigrant investors. Its strong emphasis on green technologies and renewable energy presents unique investment opportunities. The real estate market, particularly in cities like Oslo and Bergen, offers luxury properties with potential for appreciation. Norway’s picturesque landscapes, excellent healthcare and education systems, and low crime rate contribute to its appeal. While the cost of living is high, Norway offers a tranquil, high-standard lifestyle for those considering a second residence.

Norway Golden Visa

Norway does not currently offer a golden visa or citizenship by investment programme similar to those offered by some other countries. Such golden visa programmes often allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights through substantial investment, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses.

Residency and Citizenship in Norway

Norway’s immigration policies primarily focus on family reunification, employment, and humanitarian reasons.

Here are some common pathways to obtain residency in Norway:

Family Reunification

If you have close family members who are Norwegian citizens or residents, you may be eligible to apply for family reunification and obtain a residence permit.


If you have a job offer in Norway, your employer can assist you in obtaining a work permit, which can lead to a residence permit. Skilled or seasonal workers require a residency permit.


You can apply for a study permit if you are admitted to a recognized educational institution in Norway. After completing your studies, you may be eligible for a post-study work permit, which can lead to further residency options.

Asylum or Humanitarian Protection

Individuals in need of protection due to persecution or humanitarian reasons may apply for asylum or humanitarian protection in Norway.

Permanent Residency

After living in Norway for several years with a residence permit, you may become eligible for permanent residency. The requirements for permanent residency vary based on your circumstances.

Norway Passport Strength and Ranking

If Norway were to offer a Citizenship by Investment programme, one of the attractions for applicants would be its passport. The Norwegian passport offers visa-free access to around 198 countries worldwide. It is one of the strongest passports in the world. In terms of access for investors, it offers visa-free access to 80.8% of the world’s wealth (as measured by GDP) and 92.5% of the global travel popularity. It ranks 16th overall in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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