For high-net-worth investors considering a second passport or citizenship, Niger does not stand out as the most compelling option. The nation faces various security concerns from militant groups, which have contributed to economic vulnerability and hindered the state’s development. As a result, investors may prefer to explore alternative options that offer more promising pathways to second citizenship or residency.

Niger Citizenship Investment

Niger does not offer a citizenship-by-investment or golden visa programme. Instead, investors looking to buy citizenship may find the Caribbean programmes appealing. These initiatives encourages investment from those seeking citizenship rights. By making substantial investments, typically in real estate or government funds, individuals can secure citizenship in places such as Antigua, St Lucia and Grenada. Through citizenship and a passport in Antigua applicants can enjoy visa-free access to 161 countries. For investors considering a second citizenship, such programmes present an alluring prospect worth exploring.

Niger’s Residency Investment

Niger currently lacks any residency options. Instead, investors should consider alternative programmes such as the USA’s EB5 Programme. This programme offers US residency in exchange for  an investment in government approved EB5 regional centres, such as a hotel projects or real estate development.

Niger’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Niger’s passport can be regarded as weak. It provides access to only 63 countries, accounting for just 7.3% of global wealth (measured by GDP) and 10.8% of worldwide travel. Consequently, it ranks 168th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking, indicating restricted global mobility and economic opportunities for prospective citizens.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.