Netherlands Golden Visa

The Netherlands introduced a Golden Visa program in 2013 the aim of attracting venture capital funding into small business start ups. The popularity for this program was low in the first years, and hence in 2018 the Dutch government introduced a few pragmatic changes in the investment requirements.

The key requirement for any High Net Worth apllicant is that an investment of €1,250,000 needs to be made directly into a Dutch startup company or alternaively into a Dutch Venture Capital Fund, which will invest the fund’s money in multiple Dutch startups.

Dutch Residency and Citizenship

The residency visa is applicable for partner and dependent children. After 5 years the visa becomes a Permanent Residence Permit or (after passing the language & culture test) a Dutch passport. The applicant must reside in the Netherlands (or Europe) for 4 months per year.


A selection of alternative residency and citizenship investment programmes to consider.